Holiday Spirit?

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Glendora recently had their Christmas parade—on the street I work on. Don’t get me wrong, parades can be fun; they can be interesting. But they can also be horribly annoying. I feel I can complain about it because I had no attendance choice. Or maybe it’s fun to complain?

Thankfully, parking wasn’t horrible. At least not for my work. The city cordons off the streets and lets the merchants/employees park in their usual lots, which is necessary. The first entry after the Glendora High Marching Band (which was fine), were emergency vehicles. Blaring their sirens. First thing in the morning.

The parade featured about three musical choices. The first one was the marching band that played their regular tune—a modified Scotland the Brave. Then it was Jingle Bells or Jingle Bell Rock (at least seven times, please kill me) played the rest of the hour, save one maybe two other songs. I get it, it’s like the only tune that is super easy. But please. Try again. Update the music people!

I probably would like Christmas music more if I didn’t have to listen to the Bing Crosby version (oh god I hate it so much) 4-6 times every day I work in December. In fact, I pretty hate most “traditional” Christmas music because it’s played all day every day during December on Glendora Ave. I’ve only heard that “people love it” meaning the dear elderly that walk around the streets and get their hair done. That’s about it x_x

I have to bring my external speaker and play something all day or I just get so annoyed and hate life. Not worth it. Besides, I find that my work day is more enjoyable. Now to just get a permanent speaker for the office.

Perhaps I’d be less grinch-y if I didn’t have to be subjected to these things. I have decorations and I like decorations and such, but the music it what is killing the Holiday Spirit. For me at least.


What annoys you during the holidays?


4 thoughts on “Holiday Spirit?

  1. The music is way up there on my list. Especially since I hear the first strains before Halloween. I have given up gift giving and just make donations instead; that has helped a LOT since it keeps me out of the stores and malls. But the last few days before when every street is packed and people are so rude in their quest to get their shopping done (or whatever) is a downer – and dangerous.

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