Writing Retreat

IMG_6078A lot happened last month that deserves some blogging time, and this is one of them. Just after I came back from Portland, I had a few days to settle in before my birthday—with no time to plan anything so perhaps I’ll do something next year. My birthday weekend I went to Lake Arrowhead for a writing retreat with fellow NaNoWriMo participants that I’ve known for several years. We rented a cabin in Blue Jay which is in the Lake Arrowhead area and spent two nights in the mountains. Trees included, water extra.

IMG_6083Our first night we went to Stone Creek Bistro to celebrate writing—we talked and had some amazing food. One of their chefs is celiac so I even got a nice choice of gluten-free dishes. That night everyone turned in pretty earlier and I wrote out a list of writing projects that I wanted to take care of. I wrote a little in my novel that I’m working on, but it wasn’t go that well, so I ended up writing some poetry and blogging. After a long vacation getting back into the writing habit has been difficult to say the least.

IMG_6092The following day was scheduled to be our “writing day.” Though I got about 5000 words—in a variety of medium, blogging earned the majority—I was hoping to make a breakthrough in the novel I’d planned on working on. I think I really needed to work on the characters before actually embarking on a writing journey. I have a good character sheet up on my drive that I use. Though I think I’ll need to adjust the questions toward the end because some of them just do not apply. I also worked on a couple poems I’ve been meaning to write. Overall, the writing portion was nice! Perhaps next year we’ll do more word sprints.

IMG_6093That night we played Cards Against Humanity for several hours. We went through the whole deck I brought (which is just the original deck and maybe the first expansion?). Sometimes a good laugh and good company helps breakdown some writing barriers. I had coffee that morning, so I couldn’t sleep that night—should have written, but I didn’t. We left the next morning after a light breakfast and a little more writing. All in all, it was a nice way to easy back into thinking about writing and actually getting words on the page. The process for writing is different than the process of editing and switching back and forth between the two is not always the easiest.

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4 thoughts on “Writing Retreat

  1. Wish I could have gone to that retreat, Andrew! What a swell way to get ready to get ready.

    Your blogs are authentic and compelling. Whatever you’ve been doing mentally and emotionally have stimulated better writing. Keep it up, my friend.

    • Thank you! I think all the writing I’ve done has prepared me but it’s taken to living as authentically as possibly and learning to be vulnerable that makes the biggest difference 🙂

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