The Journey Thus Far

This, I suppose, is a late blog. It’s been a interesting and busy couple weeks for me. This weekend alone I had three events (working at one of them “write” now!).

Yesterday, I had a good session with my social worker. We joked a little and talked some. I had a few good days in a row, and a lot of the issues I’ve been dealing with are not as big and scary as they have been. I still know they are there, and when the shoe will drop again. Because I have so much going on in the next few days that he mentioned not to overwhelm myself and use stress-release strategies to remain able to deal with normal stress and trigger stress (if it comes up).

I’m doing okay, even if I’m a little over busy. I’m hoping that I know my limits and that I won’t overdo it again. I have R&R planned for Tuesday, which will be much needed and should be good.

IMG_5775Anyway, last night I attended the Like a Girl: Perspectives on Feminine Identity release party where I was invited to read my poem, “Sharcas.” It was amazing to hear others read their poems. This is a fantastic collection of poems and stories based around what it is like to be a woman. Kudos to Lucid Moose Lit and their staff. Amazing work! Go buy a copy to support this literature and support the work of Lucid Moose.

I have another anthology release on Monday night, which will be pretty awesome too. Like I said, very busy.

I’ll keep you all updated on how things go. Thank you for following 🙂

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