Discovering Triggers

Maroon Shirt
Shirt from the Acceptance concert in Santa Ana.

I had a rough day this past Monday. Not that it should have been rough, but it was. I went to see the social worker in the morning (and was a little bit late, though that seemed to have been fine). I think we had a good session, and I think he’s finally beginning to see that I’m not okay as I appear on the outside. We discussed a few things, and one of them was triggers. And I encountered a new one just after the session. Fun.

Anyway, most of you know that I live with family: specifically my grandma and my uncle. Well, I was triggered a couple weeks ago by my uncle. On Monday, it was by my grandma. And I know she probably didn’t mean it, but it happened nonetheless. It basically went like this. My uncle has a cold, and my grandma went grocery shopping. She asked me to help bring in groceries. All good so far. Then she proceeded to tell my uncle, “Bringing in groceries is good for him [meaning me]. He doesn’t do that much around here anyway.” Which I overheard.

It doesn’t sound like much, but I felt pretty shitty afterward. It might have been fine if the therapy session I had wasn’t a little rough. It wasn’t long afterward when she asked me to order pizza and go pick it up (which is fine, two places because I can’t eat gluten). Unfortunately, the place I order from is closed Monday’s so that was disappointing. I know it sounds petty and stupid, but for me, that just made everything much worse.

It took me until about 7 to recover enough to not just stare at walls and be mad about everything. The rest of this week has been pretty low as well, and I haven’t felt much like doing anything. I’m beginning to see just how toxic my environment is. Even if it may not be to other people, to me, it’s a constant battle against everything that I cannot win.

Acceptance @ Santa Ana
Acceptance @ Santa Ana

Whew. Let’s take a short break. I’ve added a couple pictures from the concert I went to in Santa Ana—to see Acceptance again. It was a great show, better than the one at Troubadour.

I left off about the eye doctor as well. I went back for my retina scan last week, and it came back with very minor damage from pressure, so I don’t have to take drops or anything currently—thankfully. I have to go in for a check up in January to make sure that it’s not getting any worse, and I’d rather have that than have to take drops. I’m guessing I just have pressure spikes in my eyes from stress (e.g. eye tests!).

I hope that everything is okay with you all this week. I should be feeling better next week. I’ve even got some fun plans toward the end of the month—should be able to go to Silicone Valley Pride for a couple things. I need a short little vacation!

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2 thoughts on “Discovering Triggers

  1. Sometimes it’s the little things that get us the most! And then we feel guilty for being ‘petty’… If your living situation is toxic I have to ask, do you have to live there? A toxic environment poisons everything. You might be so much happier living with, for example, friends. Or a tiny place of your own.

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