Vacation Pictures

IMG_5153I recently took another trip up to Oregon, and this time did a little more exploring. Karina, Matthew and I went to a lot of gluten-free places (of course, very excellent food).

I flew in at about noon to PDX. Karina picked me up and we went to McMenamins in Hawthorne, at the old Baghdad Theater for some lunch. After that I unloaded my luggage and we picked up Matthew to head to the International Rose Test Garden (pictured below). It was gorgeous out (in the shade), but it was a little hot so we wandered around the roses and hung out until the sun had begun to set. The rose gardens are free to view, and parking is free after 5pm.

IMG_5159 IMG_5156








We didn’t do a lot of exploring the rest of the week, though we did make it to Pride Northwest for a bit, and explored that. After that, Matthew and I went to a few clubs/bars to celebrate. Sunday was much the same.

Karina and I decided to explore Crater Lake, as I’d seen it on my flight up. We spent the day exploring the region and I took a lot of panoramas. We spent the evenings before and after near Roseburg with Karina’s dad to save time on all the driving.

IMG_5194 IMG_5219 IMG_5220 IMG_5222On my last night, we all decided to visit Ground Breaker Brewery: 2030 SE 7th Ave, Portland, OR for some good drinks, good food, and a last hurrah dinner. Ground Breaker Gastropub is 100% gluten-free and only makes 100% gluten-free beers. It’s pretty awesome. If you are in the Portland area (and don’t have allergies to gluten-free alternatives), check them out. The beer is excellent and the food is even better.IMG_5241 We order three appetizers: cheese and vegetable plate, cornbread plate, and Cascadia bakery sourdough and olive oil. Amazing stuff! I ordered the jambalaya (pictured to the right), Karina ordered a beef dish (that was probably some of the best I’ve had in a restaurant) and Matthew ordered a pulled pork sandwich (no taste for me!). The food is also 100% gluten-free and well worth a visit. Probably some of the best gluten free food I’ve had in a long time.



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