June 2015 Reads

1. The Summoner, Gail Z. Martin [link to purchase]

iuI’ve probably had this book for a long time, and I’ve been meaning to read through a lot of my library to get rid of books. While this isn’t a bad book, per se, I was annoyed at the ending. There is really no climax and it feels like the book was cut off in the middle, and I find that annoying. The characters and world are chips off the ol’ trope block: Man Must Save Olde English-like World. For flavor, there is some Frenchesque tossed in toward the end. The only thing that stands above and “beyond” is that the main character is basically a necromancer which is interesting.

2.5/5 stars: there are other books out there more worth your time.

2. Into This River I Drown, TJ Klune [link to purchase]

iuKobo offered a $5 store credit that expired quickly, and I wanted something to read for my trip to Portland, OR. I looked through Lambda Literary shortlisted books until this book caught my eye. The story in Oregon, and in a town that I’m somewhat familiar with (though fictionalized). We follow a young man, Benji, through his grief of losing his father to him finding love and learning to let his father go. There is a lot of backstory that repeats a lot and a very heavy-handed Christian/Catholic ideology, as the main love interest is an angel. The story is interesting, though, and I was attached to the characters. The book feels small-town, though an idealized version of such. I wish there was more with the romance and love interest at the end though.

3.5/5 stars: recommended, interesting characters, plot  $6.29



Vacation Pictures

I recently took another trip up to Oregon, and this time did a little more exploring. Karina, Matthew and I went to a lot of gluten-free places (of course, very excellent food). I flew in at about noon to PDX. Karina picked me up and we went to McMenamins in Hawthorne, at the old Baghdad […]

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