April 2015 Reads

1. Hero, by Perry Moore

41sI6bB8nlLA bit slow of a read until about 1/4 of the way through. Lots of world/character building, especially the protagonist, Thom Creed. Decent YA superhero book. Though I’m not a fan of superheros, this book focuses on the relationships between characters. There are some very obvious things our protagnoist can’t seem to get. I wish the romance part was more fleshed out, I really liked the two characters that ended up together. No other books as of yet in this world.

3.5/5 stars: Recommend [link to the amazon page]

2. Come, Thief by Jane Hirshfield

516uqPQMIkLA superb collection of poetry by the fantastic Jane Hirshfield. It is hard to describe her poetry, but this collection is amazing. Discovered through Poetry magazine. She uses crisp images, and often inventive language for the ordinary and mundane, and the emotions she can evoke in a few words is astounded. No overall story or theme from first read.

5/5 stars: Recommend, read this book next [link to the amazon page]


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