As many of you know, I participated in National Novel Writing Month again this year. I “won” on Monday night and validated my novel (basic word counter) on the site yesterday morning. So I’m officially a NaNoWriMo winner. Woohoo!

It’s been a crazy journey thus far. I’m still not quite finished with the novel, but I’m about 2/3 done and I know how it’s going to go much better than I did last month. I’ve had lots of ups and more than a few downs, but I persevered and now I’m much closer to being done. In related news, I had a #dreamcast moment. I know who I want to play one of my characters, Mrs. Jevinsky. My ideal cast? Eaddy Mays. Simply a phenomenal actress. So yes. I even tweeted her and she responded!

Can you believe it!? AWESOME
Can you believe it!? AWESOME

Yes. It’s that cool so it gets to be a GIANT photo in my blog post. I think I actually squeed when she tweeted me (again). So yes! Now that I have one dream cast member, I need to pick out more. But I do actually need to finish this book—and the third one, and finish editing the first one, and sending that out to agents …. Alright, alright, I have a ton of work to do, but I have more motivation to finish now! One of my twitter friends @CandiceBGreen has agreed to harass me until I’m finished with it. Which is good, because I’ll need all the harassment over the next couple months. My goal is to have queries going out in January for the first book. I’d name them, but the titles are absolutely horrid.

Okay. Have I gushed too much in my excitement? Who knows. I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me, and an even busier week next week. So much to do for graduate school. Come see me for the insanity next week (unless I’m drowning in revisions for statements and applications).


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