NaNo Kick-off

Yeah, I’ve probably mentioned NaNo more than I should have (it’s not even here yet!). This past Sunday was the Los Angeles Region Kick-off party. Which only serves to remind me that November is pretty much here. Time flies when you get older.

The party was at El Cholo restaurant in Paseo Colorado, Pasadena. I’ve been to the kick off twice—can’t remember if I went in 2011. Anyway, it’s always awesome because I get to see people that I haven’t seen or heard from for a year. Though I attend a writing group that meets in Pasadena as a year-round write-in with other Wrimos, many people only participate this one month. Always good to reconnect!

Anyway, the big mingling event we do is the Human Scavenger Hunt. This fun game is a list of qualities or information about people so we all get up and meet. Ranging from what type of project someone will be working on, to matching “Fairy Tale” notes in the swag bag, this always gets people up and moving. One of those items was “Has included a wombat in a previous Nano novel” and guess what? I was the only person there (save Viannah, who showed up later) to have done that task. So I was sought after! Great for me, as I gave away 30-40 business cards—again, thanks Karina Dale! I’m hoping this will drive people to my website for connections.

If you met me at the NaNo kick-off, let me know in the comments!


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