(Clever Title Here)

A couple blogs ago, I mentioned National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo for short—man hitting that shift key is killer on the name). We are fast approaching November and I’ve found that the plot of the book I’ll be working on is already done—thank you past me.

(I got distracted by forums! Oh no!)

Anyway, I’ve put a lot of finishing touches together on the next issue of East Jasmine Review—the publication I started up early this year—and that’s been a bit draining. I think I’ve done it right this time by allowing myself 2 weeks from the end of submissions to publication date. Gives me some wiggle room to finalize everything. And then start writing like crazy.

I haven’t been writing a lot lately as I’ve had SO much other stuff going on that I’ve had to put writing on the back burner just to take care of the multitudes of issues popping up. But, I think I’ve finally got them under control.



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