Ever since I haven’t been to Starbucks for writing outside the house, I’ve become bad at writing blogs! Sorry folks! I’ll be trying to fix that soon.

Fall themed sixlets!
Fall themed sixlets!

The last couple weeks have been busy with work at the office—my boss’ daughter had surgery and is currently recovering—which means a nice paycheck for me, but I’ve fallen behind on the writing bandwagon. I’m making that up today. Lots to work on!

Karina and I have been communicating on Chapter 3 of Hawthorne Boulevard, and she’s going to have it finished a lot quicker than Chapter 2 (good news right? You won’t have me drawing stick figures). And that means I need to get on writing Chapter 5 and 6. I’ve had a long enough break from writing in that online graphic novel—which I’ve decided (and Karina too) is pretty much what we are doing. Funny story, Karina told me that when she laughs, she knows DB’s hair is finished. I want to see this happen!

Yesterday, at work, I hit a nasty wall in my graduate applications. You know that feeling that your brain is about to go into overdrive and start failing? That was me. And I was just getting information on deadlines and portfolio requirements, nothing more. My brain DOES NOT want to even start thinking about that process again. I don’t blame it! So to make it feel better and get further behind in my work, I played Mass Effect 2 for a few hours after work yesterday. I felt better. Until I woke up this morning with a huge to-do list.

Don’t worry, I’ll knock it out! Got some revisions, of course Chapter 5 to hammer out (outline is written, needs to be reworked and sent off again) and some other writing done. This time of year is always crazy. National Novel Writing Month is just around the corner, meaning I’ll be going crazy with all the writing (speaking of which, check out my classes at www.kandrewturner.com/courses)

Whew. So, how is your end of your year shaping up?


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