Portland, OR

As many of you lovely people know, I’m working on a web comic/graphic novel with the lovely and amazingly talented Karina Dale. And though it’s been a touch over one week, I went to Portland, OR to visit Karina and co.

(you can read the comic for free here: www.dbandmatty.com)

Let me just say, that I am now enamored of Portland. It was amazing! Went to my first burlesque performance, and have to say it was something I’d never experienced before. It was was cool to see. I could gush forever about it. But that’s not exactly the most exciting thing to read.

Karina and I met through the Teen Wolf fandom and got to talking all the time and we decided to work together to write a graphic novel/web comic (really it’s more a graphic novel but in web form?) and because this medium is really a first for both of us, we may be stumbling about a bit, but the story is absolutely amazing and the topics we cover are something that I don’t see much tackled by many writers or artists. Seriously, stop reading this and go click above if you haven’t started reading it—you’ll thank (curse) me later.

Anyway, the comic takes place in Portland, and wow. I’m glad I got to see the city and experience the feel of it so I can translate that to the page. It really is unlike any other place I’ve visited.

Also, I’d like to mention to those planning to participate in NaNoWriMo, check out my classes for NaNoPrep: www.kandrewturner.com/courses

I hope you’ve all had a wonder two weeks. I should be back to my regularly scheduled blogging soon!


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