Back to School, Running Dogs

This week has been back to school for Citrus College, a local community college near where I live. The middle school and elementary school down the street started last week. This confluence of events has led to major traffic (yay biking places) between the gym and my home.

And apparently, drivers cannot see people on bikes. I so need to get an air horn to honk at people that think they can just make turns right into me. I think the college drivers are by far the worst. The parents at the schools arrive early and drive carefully. They don’t want to hit anyones child. College students? They don’t care about anything more than grabbing that last parking spot and making it to class on time (and yeah, these are the same people that don’t see pedestrians in crosswalks).

I miss midsummer when I could ride without worrying (a lot) whether someone would see me or not. It’s not like I’m invisible!

This also reminds of the two dogs that chased me down the street. One was a young puppy (big breed)—probably adolescent, six months or so—who had obviously escaped his yard or home and just wanted to play so he (or she) chased me down a busy street for a good half block or more.

The other dog was much older, much small dog was leashed (though the owner thought it a good idea to not hold it, I don’t know why) and chased me from the safety of the sidewalk. The woman (owner) had to chase down her dog. I hope it didn’t get hit, but honey, that’s why you hold the leash. So it doesn’t run away from you.

I suppose this has a moral. Or maybe not. Just don’t hit bicyclists that follow traffic laws. And also leash your dogs. Is that right?


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