Almost Stuck in Union Station

I totally meant to right this on Sunday, but alas, I forgot. Not enough sleep the night before. Anywho …

Last Thursday night, I went to visit my brother, who lives in Culver City. As most of you know (or maybe you don’t), my mode of transport is usually the bike as the car I drive is failing, dying, etc. It simply cannot be fixed on the means I have and that’s fine. My fortunes will change eventually (and hopefully soon).

To get out to Culver City, I couldn’t really drive. It’s out of range for me. As the car leaks coolant, I didn’t want to risk having the engine burn out.  So, I made a compromise: I would drive to Pasadena (the extent I’m willing to go as I know it’s safe enough to drive to and fro) and take the trains to a station near my brother and he would pick me up.

That part was fine. Easy. We had dinner and then played part of a game (perhaps a shorter game next time?) and I left his apartment at the absolute latest I could possibly to catch the very last train. Eek! I was already worried that I might miss it, but my phone told me that, according to schedule, I would be fine. Just barely.

The first leg went off without a hitch. I arrived at the second station where I needed to catch the Red or Purple line back to Union Station to get my train to Pasadena. I arrived one minute later than expected—so I was a little worried I might miss one of the trains, but they came every few minutes. I would be fine. Except that they were doing maintenance on one of the tracks and they would only be coming every 20 minutes (which actually was 30 from when I arrived).

Resigned to my fate, I sat on the platform and had a mini freak-out. I would have to spend a good 4 hours in Union Station to catch the first morning train from Los Angeles to Pasadena at 3:40 am. Not something I was really wanting to do. I hadn’t planned for the maintenance and hadn’t known it would take place. I am okay with some plans changing, but really I need some order especially when it comes to me not being home for sleep time (I need my sleep!). In any case, the train finally arrive a good 15 minutes after the last train was scheduled to leave for Pasadena.

I got to Union Station, and decided that I would at least try to see if my train would be there, hope against hope that I could get home that night. After all, there would certainly be other passengers stranded, right?

People waiting on the Gold Line platform had to be good news. I called a friend after receiving a few texts (no cell service in the subway, darn it!) and told her my plight. Just talking about it helped a little. But, I reasoned, if people were waiting and this line was under maintenance as well, then I’d be okay right?

Yes. After a few minutes (and being told by security to stay behind the yellow line), a train came. Small, but heaven-sent and beautiful. I would not be stuck in Los Angeles for another 3 hours. I finally could breath and relax. I got to the car and got home, no more incidents. Though I was an hour later than I had hoped, it was better than spending half a night in a train station. Whew.

Next time, I’ll have to pay more attention to the signs or something ….


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