Game Night

So, every few months, my friends Jason and Gabriel host a game night. Last night was one of them. As I work Saturdays, and the night starts at 1, I’m always late (sad face). But I go until the wee hours of the morning—it’s always fun.

I prepared by having a delicious iced mocha to keep me up and going (I normally get home between 1 and 2 am). I only got to play two games: one was a word association game, and the other was Shadows Over Camelot (which I won, yay being the Traitor!). Even though I only played two games last night.

Anyway, it was great to see the people I’ve met and always good to meet new people. In that setting, I’m comfortable enough because I know more people and I trust the hosts to know who is going to attend and keep it fun and not drag the group down. And mix the personalities well enough so that everyone gets along—even after a few betrayal games.



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