So ….

It’s been a rough couple weeks. Slowly, more schools are updating me on progress—still no full acceptances. Also there has been a great disturbance in my home life, which has thrown me off. Things are almost back to normal, but it may be a long time until they are.

Thankfully, next week I will be going to Seattle for a week. I so need a vacation. Need to get the hell out for some r&r. Should be a nice change of pace. I leave on my normal blog post day (so I may have one post that day).

I am writing again and finding inspiration, which is nice. I’m enjoying what I am doing. Now if I could just get out the old poetry pen and start…

Hope you are all having good weeks. Sorry for the scattered randomness today.


2 thoughts on “So ….

  1. Hey andrew–
    Bon voyage! Does this mean u’ll miss my. Ew book launch party on april 13? I hope not.

    April is natnl poetry month. Grab a pen and go for one poem per day!

    High five, marta

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