Graduate School Update

Well, it’s been an interesting process thus far. Mostly in that it has been quite the repeat of last year.

I have ten school left to hear back from (which will probably be in the next couple weeks). Over the past month, I’ve received a few trickles here and there from schools. Though it is nearing the April deadline for those that follow the Graduate Council’s guidelines/rules, the pace has picked up.

So far, I have one tidbit of good news: I’ve been waitlisted for Minnesota State University at Mankato. Means that they liked me enough to see if others don’t take their offers, I may be offered a spot for the school (with no funding at the moment, but that may change if I am admitted).

It’s not all gray clouds and gloom, but I’m hoping I get a fully-funded offer. We’ll see what happens.


2 thoughts on “Graduate School Update

  1. Waiting for a response from grad school is both a tense time and an exciting time, as I remember from the two times I was in that spot. I hope you get the results you want, Andrew. No one deserves it more than you. I hope you get multiple fully-funded offers, so that you have the torture of making the very best decision for yourself!


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