Springtime is here

Well, the weather for SoCal has turned for the beautiful. I know, talking about the weather on a blog? But, it’s a definite turn in the seasons. It feels like springs now, with the gorgeous high 70s low 80s weather and the time change (though I’m not a huge fan of the time change this early).

Yay spring! and sunlight!
Yay spring! and sunlight!

I know most of the US is still experience what I would term SoCal winters—40s/50s weather (for us that IS winter!) I’ve mentioned before that my favorite season is fall. Still true! But then my second favorite is spring. I love it when it starts getting warmer after the cold months of winter (shush you cold country people, I’m acclimated to this cold!). There’s something nice about having your window open with fresh air and the sun warming everything.

The change in weather is certainly helping me overcome a lot of the things that happened the past month with things out of my control. I need the lightening, the lifting of spirits. I was only kept semi-sane through taking a gigantic mental vacation that I’m starting to come back from. I worked a little here and there, but I needed the time off just to get away from the stress of all the things I need to do.

Perhaps the energy out in the world now is more positive, more life-giving like the sun warming the Norther Hemisphere and that is helping me returned. I don’t underestimate the power of the sun and the influence it has over our collective moods.

Anyway, I hope your spring is arriving and thawing you all out!

P.S. Went to a book release party for John Brantingham’s Mann of War, and will be going to Marta Chausee’s Murder’s Last Resort tomorrow evening.


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