San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival

Last weekend was the San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival. The first year of this festival of wonderful literariness went very well, if I do say so. Poets, authors, children’s authors, all sorts of writers attended and read or performed their work in front of other writers and a curious public.

I read several times at open mics, and I also read for Creepy Gnome Magazine reading and Bank Heavy Press reading. My work was well-received and I even had the chance to submit more work to Bank Heavy Press. I’ve got a bio to write for Creepy Gnome Vol 3, and I have more poetry to send to Re)verb magazine. There were awesome readings and awesome people. Though I mentioned it and invited a lot of people, I’m surprised more of my friends did not attend. Alas, there is only so much facebook and twitter can do.

Anyway, I met the wonderful Danish writer Simon Fruelund and heard him read twice from his book Civil Twilight (available from Sprout Hill Press). What I hear was absolutely superb writing. He’s a nice guy too. I also had the chance to reconnect with another poet-friend T. Anders Carson, a great guy and a wonderful poet as well. Not to forget hearing two of my favorite poets read: Tamara Madison and Donna Hilbert.

I could list names for ages and still have only tip of the iceberg. It was seriously worth it. I don’t know why more writers weren’t there or why more of the reading public wasn’t. As John Brantingham said, “This is the greatest thing to ever happen.” And he wasn’t lying.

ejrlogoIn other news, I started an online literary magazine East Jasmine Review that I’ve been waiting to do for a while, and submissions are open for the inaugural issue forthcoming in April/May 2013. Please submit to


4 thoughts on “San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival

  1. This sounds like it was a wonderful experience. If they do it again next year I’ll have to see if I can join. 🙂

  2. Thanks for covering the SGV LitFest, Andrew. I so enjoyed our relaxed time together, chatting under the shade of some trees one of the days (Friday?). You know so much about the business of writing, I wish I could be inside your brain for a day or two.

    Congrats on starting your literary review! I look forward to submitting something.

    Cheers, Marta

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