Order and Chaos

I’m sure I had a really good blog post in mind when I woke up, but that’s long gone from the halls of memory. Perhaps it will resurface another time.

Anyway… I tend to live my life in an orderly fashion—or at least that is what I trick myself into believing. I do similar enough things most days that constitues order. Breakfast after I wake up that varies little day by day, and then a little time on the internet before heading off the gym. That’s most mornings for me.

Ocean waves!
Ocean waves!

But the order is never really there, and chaos is what happens every day. Different times that I wake up, routines interrupted by a meeting here or some other thing that happens—and then I get shocked out of my habits (never a very pleasant feeling). A messy room because I feel I have no energy left over to move things about. And sometimes simply because I don’t care.

The thing here is, that nature, by it’s definition really, is chaos. There is no order, no “design” behind the way things work. They simply are and do. And has humans, we are part of nature and thus bound by the same rules of chaos. However, we like imposing our will and such on the world, thus making order. Don’t get me wrong, I think there is a place for order and a place for chaos. The fluctuation of both creates a constant change in our life.

If you’ve ever seen that show about pack rats with boxes and boxes of stuff or just piles and piles of things, you’ll understand they have as little change as the person who keeps their place meticulously clean at all times. It is this change that promises defeat to them. Change is dangerous and must be avoided at all costs.

For most of the rest of it, this balance is played out in daily changes and an awareness of our spaces and lives—though on the smaller scale—keep us thinking about what we are doing and how we live. We come to crave the change, the need to re-order everything and find something new from the chaos to, yet again, let it all slip into a mess. Big changes are always a bit scary, but if we have such little changes all the time, perhaps they will come a bit easier.

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