Reading: January 2013

Continuing with my reading a book a week that I started in December, I’m posting the books I’ve finished this month.

  1. Collected Poems, Roy Fisher. Most of the narrative poems lost me, but his short works are astounding in their simplicity and freshness.
  2. The Ambassador’s Mission, Trudi Canavan. I absolutely adore this world and most of the characters in it. Enjoyed the book, but was a bit put off by how much had been summarized from what I’d read a few chapters before.
  3. Titus Andronicus, Shakespeare. Interesting revenge play by the Bard. This is one of his earlier texts. I found the play quite humorous in parts.
  4. Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson. Superb, clean writing. Felt like I had known Steve and many of the people discussed. Took a bit longer to read than I thought, but it was worth it.

I have my books all lined up for next month, so should be lovely!


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