New Energy

This week has been much more dynamic and positive than last week. And that is something that I needed.

I went to two critique groups this week (finally remembering to get an email/phone list going for one—something I’d been meaning to do for the last 3 sessions), and a poetry reading that went very well last night. I absolutely feel fantastic when someone tells me they loved my work after I’ve read. Nothing better! Tonight is another poetry down in Long Beach to support a friend/mentor John Brantingham. I know it will be a wonderful evening! This weekend may yield more writing related events/appointments as well.

For those of you who know me well—for those that don’t (yay!) you’ll learn something about me—you know that I have a difficult time with lots of back-to-back social events crammed into a week, like this. Yes. You would be correct. I enjoy going and enjoy the camaraderie and then it’s time to go home and decompress. As most of these events have been in my calendar for a few weeks and I’ve been planning on going, I’ve had to make concessions along the way and build up the necessary mental strength to go. Makes me sound super anti-social maybe, but all social gatherings are draining for me—just depends on the level of drain and the level of social energy I start with.

I’m hoping you all are having wonderful weeks and that the first month of the year was a great start!


2 thoughts on “New Energy

  1. I would have NEVER guessed you for an introvert, Andrew! You always seem happy and open at social events. You have talent for getting people together, too.

    I am one who is always drained by social events. I have to psych myself up in advance before attending an event, and then, I have to talk myself down afterwards because I get overstimulated. It’s so complicated being us, don’t you think? But we’re so worth it. Yes. We are worth it.

    • Exactly! Most people don’t think I am, but that’s because I’ve learned how to hide it, and I do enjoy people. But I need to prepare for it and know its going to happen—that’s the big thing!

      And yes, it is good being us 🙂

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