New Year, New Challenges

The new year is upon us, whether we like it or not. I do not typically hold that a new year is the start of something fresh, something new—this does not mean that it is or isn’t. I like to think of life as a continuous moment stretching over time. What happened last week and what happens this week (both in different years) will be similar enough to each other. Basically, this is my way of saying I  don’t do resolutions (at least, not any more). I do not wait to change my life to an arbitrary moment in time, I make small changes throughout my existence to better myself and to better the people around—if I can extend my positive influence that far. I feel this small changes are easier to maintain and hold than monumental changes.

Mt. San Antonio (aka Mt Baldy) with snow

That said, this new year will bring with it new challenges, and with these challenges, opportunities for growth and experience. I do not know what is in store for me this year, nor do I know what sort of places or situations I will find myself. In the two short days we have had thus far, I’ve had two wonderful moments of beauty in the surroundings of where I live. I was awed at how magnificent the mountains looked, and how nice the sun feels on my back. I’ve had a gorgeous vista of the valley driving down the hill to run to the grocery store. Our world is simply stunning, and I am glad that I experienced two moments thus far. I have also had less pleasant experiences with family members unleashing their rage around me—thankfully not at me. The powerful emotions rocked my usual calm and I felt I needed meditate to help release the residual negative energy. And I’ve had the chance to hear I was loved, the chance to hear I was beautiful, and the chance to know I am wanted around. In two days.

Every day is a chance to change, to see, to be in the world. Every day is a day to reflect on ourselves and those around us. I try as best I can reflect on my day, or week, when I can. I think it is more healthy to reflect more than once a year (though maybe we all do this when we feel a milestone has been passed—very understandable).

I sincerely hope you all have a wonderful year, full of wonderful days and the chance to grow into a better, happier person. That is my wish for the world.

I would like to share with you a few plans/dreams/hopes I have for 2013:

  • publish my novella, novel, or short stories (or all!)
  • publish more poetry
  • attend graduate school
  • write, write, write
  • meet new people
  • love more (I did this last year, and it has made life better)
  • continue on my physical journey
  • enjoy friends and family
  • take a vacation or three

I am sure there will be more that will happen, but these would be nice on top of the life I have. If they do not happen, I will strive for them again and again. Persistence is good as long as that persistence is not against what the universe wishes for you—though I maintain I would not have this drive if I was not supposed to.

Many blessing and much happiness and love to you in 2013.


2 thoughts on “New Year, New Challenges

  1. Keep reflecting on the good, Andrew, and more good things will arrive at your door. You do a lot of positive things for people and this positive energy will come back to you manyfold. Did that sound like a Chinese fortune cookie fortune? i hope not– it’s the truth!

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