The End of the Month

Tomorrow marks the last day of National Novel Writing Month—November. This month has been a whirlwind of insanity for me. Including a surprise, last-minute trip to San Francisco. It has been filled with wonderful writings, terrible writings, and a lot of fun. Writing and life, I’ve found can work together, though they must be related—as they like to fight.

It’s hard to talk about this month without mentioning NaNoWriMo, or Thanksgiving, and even my birthday. So even without a goal of 50k, I’ve got my hands full this month. Heck, even in regular life, I have my hands full. I have applied to 21 schools with only eight left. I will finally finish graduate school application January 5th (give or take a day or two). That’s a lot of schools. This weekend I have two more. Running out of money for applications means that I have to wait. I think I’ll need the three week break just to recover some brain cells.

In regards to writing, I wrote a YA novel, that went very smoothly in the writing. Then I started the novella. This one is being a pain. What I really need to do is sit down an listen to the characters. What is important about this story? I have 1/2 a novella, then I decided to go back in time—bad move, it works less. I need to shove these characters together and see what happens. Saints don’t make good fiction. I think I may take much of December easy on the writing/editing. My brain will thank me, I think.

Then, of course, I have several other projects going on. Thanks to Firetask, I’ve got a good handle on many of the different aspects of my life: writing, editing, school application, work, online teaching, crocheting…. Yes, there is a lot. Speaking of online teaching, I will be offering a live, online class, probably in the spring (March most likely, as of right now) titled Fiction Workshop. It should be a great course. Live short lectures and discussions about writing, and of course workshopping writing. I’m excited to do a live class. The self-paced course will still be up and available. Sign up now, as on January 1st, I’m raising the fees to reflect their actual values: and This applies to editing and creative mentoring fees as well.

How was your month of November? I’m hoping to return to a more normal life now that December is in sight.


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