Giving Thanks

Putting aside my distaste for the celebration of the landing of the Mayflower (and thus the genocide and destruction of myriad cultures and viewpoints), the idea of speaking what we are thankful for is an excellent idea. Even the smallest things can be what we are most thankful for.

In no particular order, this is what I am most thankful for this year:

  • Surviving a car accident at the beginning of the year
  • Attending two weddings—one of which was family (will be going to another in a few weeks)
  • My friends being with me on my birthday (while one is family, the other two might as well be)
  • The people of the San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival
  • My grandmother—for supporting me
  • My mother for her love
  • My father for sharing his passion and energy
  • My step-mother for her patience with us all
  • My step-father for his perseverance in face of pain
  • My brother for his courage and support
  • All my friends whether or not I have spoken to them—you are all in my thoughts on occasion
  • All the poets that have inspired me and teach me—including Tamara Madison, Donna Hilbert, John F. Buckley, John Brantingham (too many to name you all, I’m sorry in advance)
  • My letter of recommendations writer; I appreciate everything you all have done
  • The internet for connecting me to wonderful people on Facebook and Twitter
  • The air that I breathe
  • National Novel Writing Month
  • All the wonderful people that make NaNoWriMo a wonderful experience—all the Los Angeles Region Municipal Liaisons, Office of Letters and Light staff, and the people I have connected with
  • The gym—seriously, I’d be depressed and feeling terrible with out it
  • Experiencing letting go of all those I’ve held dear in my heart that I could no longer hold on to
  • Deborah Gould of the Village Book Shop for all her support, love, commitment and compassion
  • All those in both my critique groups
  • Branli Caidryn for everything he has done for me, including being there for me with family falling apart last December
  • And more; I could list forever

I am thankful for so much, and every day I realize and recognize the simple things in my life, like being able to eat good food for breakfast, for heat and cooling, for sheets, for waking up in a bed, for having indoor plumbing, for electricity  We all live in such a beautiful world, and I am thankful for that. In the face of such awe-inspiring moments, I do not know how I could be thankful.

And to you readers, I am thankful. Please tell me or post links to your own lists of thanks.


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