High School Reunion

As I mentioned last week, I had my high school reunion. I found the experience rather pleasant. Our class coordinators decided that a chartered cruise around Newport Harbor would be a good idea. I think they were right. No one could really “escape” the boat and leave early. I thought it was nice as most people mixed. I met people I hadn’t know or talked to much in high school, so it was nice. Also I had a chance to catch up with some people I knew in band. As small as the boat was, I still saw people as we all left that I hadn’t noticed on the boat at all.

The crowd, however, was a different story entirely. I knew or recognized a good portion of the people (excluding the spouses/significant others of course) but I think the majority of the people were the “popular” kids back in the day that have probably stayed in touch over the years (though I could be wrong, it is possible). I’m glad that not everyone was popular back then however.

Sunset just before leaving.

I should mention the reaction I got to proclaiming my profession of writing. I’ve been told that the 10 year reunion is a “What do you do for work” type of reunion—with a little bit of marriage/kids thrown in. Everyone that I told I was a writer/poet thought that was awesome. I don’t think anyone thought it was strange. Of course, I could not have predicted where I would be now 10 years ago (perhaps acting, or something like that). I can’t remember exactly what everyone else does, but someone was a chemist, another in media, another in advertising. A good mixed crowd, but I think I win for “coolest profession.” Why not? I think I’ll go to the 20 year reunion. I had a good time!

Have you been to a reunion recently or do you plan on attending one?


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