Autumn-The Season

Fall colors in New Hampshire.

I know you all might be a bit tired of the MFA application posts I’ve been writing. Me too. I’d like to write something different than the last few ones.

Autumn is my favorite season, hands down (and not just because the word autumnal is so awesome). There is something magical about the cooling temperatures, the hint of natural spice floating in the air, wood fires starting to burn… I love it. Southern California is not particularly renowned for splendid falls or showings of color (though we do have some). I hope this year is one of those years where the season hits. Occasionally, we don’t have much of a fall, the weather is summer and then winter. I believe a couple years ago we had a hot spell were it was 120 in October. Not the most autumnal weather!

So why is fall my favorite? Other than it’s a lot cooler in the day, and a bit chilly at night, I was born in the late fall (tail end of November) so my birthday month falls in the season. It also happens to be the season of choice of National Novel Writing Month—an event I adore more now because I’ve “won” and it is a great time to focus just on writing new material. This year I’ll be working on a YA novel featuring gay characters and prom. I’ll also attempt to write a novella featuring a gay couple and what happens when and old friend turns out to be gay and in love with the protagonist! I’m excited as a lot of the stories I’ve been working on have not featured in heavy terms gay characters.

Fall colors in New Mexico

That was a nice digression. Anyway, autumn also has shorter days. I don’t know why this is exciting to me. Maybe because autumn to me represents the large changes in our lives. The moments we realize that we are not meant to live forever, that we are meant to live, to enjoy the last of our fruit with those we love. Autumn is a reminder that we should strive for what we want, not wasting the little time we have on pursuits we shouldn’t be aiming toward. In any case, I love the change I can feel and smell in the air. I know it is close and I’m excited. This is the time of change.

What is your favorite season? Do you love/hate fall? Let me know!


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