A Late Post

Well, I’ve done it again. I’ve been busy the last few days working on putting my “ducks in a row” for my upcoming vacation and of course, blogging slipped my mind. I’m terrible, I know.

At all the weddings I’ve been to, the men are never this eager to grab the garter. Even the bride is surprised!

I’m heading to New England to visit family and attend my step-sister’s wedding. I haven’t a “proper” vacation in a couple years, so I need one. A change of scene, re-connections, etc. should help me feel refreshed. Over the vacation, I have some work to do, but none of it is really that difficult, and should be enjoyable. Crochet (gonna have some long driving trips, I think), read (which I love to do anyway) and do a bit of revision for my application.

In about three weeks (on Sept 15 to be exact) I’ll be starting a new cycle of graduate school applications. I have one story to finish revising, which shouldn’t take too long, and maybe another pass at some other parts of the application. I’m ready. Like I said last year, I know this application season will fare better than last year. I have two new samples that are much stronger than the ones I submitted last year, and I think my over application is stronger and better. It takes time, and this year I have. Almost everything is in order, just pulling up the last of the money (if you want to help in that department, sign up for a class at www.kandrewturner.com/courses).

I’ll make it a short entry today. I still have a small bit of packing to do, dinner, shower, and a poetry reading before I fly out tonight. A red-eye means I arrive afternoon tomorrow. It’ll be a long night. Until next week!


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