Summertime is Busytime

Well, this blog is late for sure. Sorry!

I usually write my blogs the night before, and, well, last night was a bit troublesome for me. I try to keep my moodle software that I run my classes on up-to-date, for security and feature issues. I tried to update it yesterday and moodle was very unhappy with mixed php. And so I deleted it all, and re-uploaded everything (a nightmare of a 4-6 hour process). Had the same issue again this morning, so I reverted it back to how it was. Waste of time.

He can play in the sand. I get to play in words.

Anyway, that was occupying my brain last night when I should have written a blog! I didn’t even realize it was Thursday until I started writing the blog.

Oh well. I still need to update my classes online, but if you’d like to take a look at the list of available courses, you can! I currently have 12 posted (though about 4-6 will be updated within the week). Looking for a few ideas on classes. I think they are priced well.

Also, I’ve mentioned working on revisions on the novel. I have about 8 chapters left to go. Then I have two writing projects lined up, and of course I’m researching school information. Whee!

How is your summer going?


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