Even a young Marlon Brando thinks this stuff is cool.

Some people have asked me why I’ve been updating and changing all my names and handles all over the internet. My answer has been “branding.” It sounds like an uber marketing term, and in a way it is. I’ve been reading We Are Not Alone by Kristen Lamb over the last week. With prompting by my reading and by both Branli Caidryn and LK Gardner-Griffie, I’ve decided to ditch my online handle of snowppl in favor of my name. The basic idea is that all my writings and promotions about writing will take place under my published name, K. Andrew Turner.

So, if you follow me on any platform, don’t be alarmed that “I’ve changed.” I’m still me, but now at least people may recognize me if they see my name in print down the line. I’m working on books, stories, etc still, and I’ll still be tweeting much the same (but perhaps a little more interaction with people) so be on the look out for me appearing for once!

For this blog, I’ll be continuing to talk about writing, and will probably expand into talking about other topics as well. In addition I will begin writing book reviews once a week, 1) to get me to read more, 2) to build up people who want to review my books when they come out and 3) to expose writers to a new audience. I will also be conducting interviews with authors and writers about their work across all three major genres.

I hope you all stick with me through this exciting new time. We will have a good time I think!

Please check out my shiny, new website!


3 thoughts on “Branding

  1. My ‘puter tells me the comments are closed on your May Giveaway post. I hope this comment will suffice to get me in the running for some fabulous mentoring that only you can offer. I am SO impressed with your professionalism, energy and work ethic. You rock and I’m following you everywhere I can, Andrew.

  2. Attempt #3. This is frustrating. Grrrrr. Your blogsite tells me the comments on your May giveaway are CLOSED. I hope this comment will suffice to get my name tossed into the hat for one of your fabulous mentoring sessions. You rock, Andrew. I admire your professionalism, your energy and your work ethic. Good on ya. I’m following you everywhere I can. Marta

    • Sorry!! 😦 I will have to fix that. Apparently wordpress decided to close the comments 😦 And yes, I’ll consider you entered!

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