May Giveaway!

I’ll start this off by saying I’m a huge fan of free things. I love free. Free is good. I know a lot of you like free too! So I decided to do a giveaway during the month of May. On June 1st (or second if I forget, but I’m hoping you all remind me!) I will pick various winners in the contest. Entering is freakin’ easy. You post a comment here and follow the blog to enter. That’s it. Super simple. I would also appreciate it if you follow me on twitter @kandrewturner, fan my author page on facebook, and/or circle me on google+. If there is another social media site you’re on that I’m not (highly doubtful) other than those three, I can give you links to those too. I’d also appreciate it if you could spread the word too. It’d be nice for me, and nice for you.

Enough blabber you say! What’s the prizes? So amazing they will be in bullet point format.

  1. A completely free 2 hour creative mentoring session. If this sounds lame to you, just know I helped Ranee Dillon enough to get her trilogy accepted for publication. Bam. Street cred.
  2. Up to 30 pages of free comprehensive editing (double spaced, 12 point font, 1″ margins—no tricks people). This is about 2 short stories several poems, etc. This is pretty amazing. No really, it is.
  3. For 10 people, I will critique up to 1 page (see above for no shenanigans) start of a story, flash fiction, poetry, etc and offer feedback.
  4. Bonus: For two people, I will offer a $50 discount off my new comprehensive course Craft of Fiction at (normally $225). If you win and don’t want to use this discount offer, let me know and I’ll award to someone else who might. Since this isn’t free, it’s not quite the coolest, but it is an amazing class.
So go ahead, follow me on twitter, facebook, and/or google+ for updates about my writing, life, publications, courses etc. You can also visit my website, for a list as well, along with more information.

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  1. I appreciate all the help, Sweetie. Your knowledge of story craft and dedication to my success as an author was invaluable. *Heart Hugs*

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