Always More To Learn

As most of you are aware, I’ve been working on my Craft of Fiction class ( for the past few weeks. It has gone live as of Monday! Anyway, over the time I’ve been rewriting this class for online, I’ve learned a lot about writing just from reading and writing the information—and I learned that I know a lot about writing, more than I thought.

The important thing that I’ve discovered is that opportunities for learning lie in reading, writing, and rewriting. I’ve read the materials for the class more than once. Each time I read, I learn more as I build on my experience and add knowledge. Also, each time I write and revise a story, I learn. And each time I learn, I can apply what I learn to past writing and stories.

As I continue on my writing journey and life, I know I will have ample opportunities to learn—I have to remember that the past is past and publications will only show my growth as a writer. Writers, myself included, should always be looking to improve their craft. Like athletes, writers can go far by themselves, but with a little help can excel.

In other news, I will be getting a Kindle Touch this week. If you are a published writer and looking for reviews, please contact me!

Happy writing!


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