A day late…

And a dollar short? But there is no money involved today. Not sure exactly what to cover today, as it feels like I’ve covered everything, and I know I haven’t. My mind is numb, and refusing to work much. In case you hadn’t heard from my facebook or twitter, the grandpa I lived with died on Sunday, so I’ve been out of sorts since then. I’m feeling better than I did on Sunday, and it wasn’t unexpected.

I’ve put a lot of my writing projects on hold for the moment, as I need to prioritize my time between family and obligations I have for other people (and myself). It is okay to put writing on hold for a week, and I know it’ll come back strong, and I know I will write again, but at the moment, I can’t perform at optimum quality in my own works. I’m taking it slow. In addition, I’ve got lots of little creatures to crochet for christmas and that is coming up fast.

I wish you the best in your writing, and know that taking breaks to focus on other parts of life for a brief time can actually be beneficial in the long run.


3 thoughts on “A day late…

  1. I’m sorry for your loss, Drew. Know that you’ll be missed when you don’t pop in but we understand and want you to take all the time you need. You could post some pictures of your crocheted creatures, though!

  2. Very sorry to hear. I lost my Gram only a month ago and I’m still not right. She was diagnosed with cancer only three weeks prior. I still can’t believe it. But having family and friends close by has been a great comfort. Something odd that has come from the entire situation is that she left me her bearded dragon, Joanna. This thing is huge and hates me. I know Gram would laugh knowing I’m gagging each time the dragon eats a cricket and gives me the evil eye. I know she’s sitting under her heat lamp staring at me as I’m writing now. Not the best writing buddy, but I told Gram I’d take care of her. Joanna is stuck with me now. “How to Train Your Dragon” has taken on a whole new meaning.

    Stay strong. Give boatloads of love to your family. You will undoubtedly receive even more.


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