A day late…

And a dollar short? But there is no money involved today. Not sure exactly what to cover today, as it feels like I’ve covered everything, and I know I haven’t. My mind is numb, and refusing to work much. In case you hadn’t heard from my facebook or twitter, the grandpa I lived with died on Sunday, so I’ve been out of sorts since then. I’m feeling better than I did on Sunday, and it wasn’t unexpected.

I’ve put a lot of my writing projects on hold for the moment, as I need to prioritize my time between family and obligations I have for other people (and myself). It is okay to put writing on hold for a week, and I know it’ll come back strong, and I know I will write again, but at the moment, I can’t perform at optimum quality in my own works. I’m taking it slow. In addition, I’ve got lots of little creatures to crochet for christmas and that is coming up fast.

I wish you the best in your writing, and know that taking breaks to focus on other parts of life for a brief time can actually be beneficial in the long run.