NaNoWriMo Wraps Up

Well, I may not have “truly” written a novel in one month, but I did write 50k words, and that itself is quite a feat.

This month has not been the easiest month for me in terms of health and time and family. I didn’t write for one week, and I still managed to finish 50k by last night—as I was sick for a week and couldn’t write very much.

I started graduate applications this month, and I was set back a few days in my “goal” for finished dates, but so far I’ve met every deadline. The next two applications are due on the 15 of December which gives me this weekend to apply and submit everything. It’s not easy, but last year prepared me pretty well for this.

I know I’ve mentioned this, but my grandpa is at home on hospice care, and doing things around the house to help out takes more time than I had planned for it to do, along with needing to stay home while my grandma ran errands certainly took time away from what I needed to do, but I used some of that time to write.

There is also the making of Christmas presents this year, which happen to be amigurumi creations that I will be whipping up for some 10-15 people. I haven’t made a complete count, but I know I’ll be making quite a few! And Christmas cards will need to go out too. So you see, I’ve not been idle!

And still, I managed to write 50,000 words (roughly 250 pages) in one month. Of course, I don’t have a full time job at 40 hours a week, but if you do, know that it is still possible to write, even if you only have an hour at a time. A few sentences are better than no sentences.

With that, I leave you to go, and create.

For me, my next step is editing. Massive amounts of editing (right after I finish this last chapter).


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