Publications and Grad School

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The last few weeks have been very difficult in terms of my routine, and I’ve tried establishing what sort of thing I can. Grandpa was in the hospital for about three weeks, and just came home last night. I haven’t been writing, and I’ve been letting my graduate applications languish. I’ve got one almost done, just need a little more to finish it up. The first is always the hardest to complete, I don’t know why.

I’m not in very much of a productive stage in writing, and that’s okay for me. Right now, I’m gathering ideas and living. What happens and has happened will inform my writing in the future. They say a writer is always working, and that is true: “How can I use this in a story/poem?” I think that more than I should.

I’ve moved on in my writing at the moment to submission for publication. I can’t seem to write or revise, so I figured that I might as well submit a story and some poems to see what happens. This is a good stage to be in, much like the others. I will keep you all updated on what happens with them, and let you all know!

In other news, I’ve had very good comments on my stories: that I have good characterization. From a mentor no less. I know I’m not a perfect writer (as we all can’t be) and I’m happy to have strong characterization. Just means I need to work on other aspects of my writing. Perhaps some of those exercises will develop into other stories.

New Giveaway!

Well, as many of you are aware, I’ve been having a lot of “stuff” come down my way these past few weeks, and as so, I haven’t had a lot of energy to blog. I still don’t, but this one is an easy blog! Giveaway time! I’m giving away a free copy of the publication […]

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