A Writer’s Duty

I’m guessing that as a writer, you’d love to see your work published. Whether it is novel length, or short, you most likely have a targeted publisher in mind. Great!

Now, the question for you is: do you read books or subscribe to the markets you are sending your work to? Most writers send blindly to publishers hoping for the best—as I have, and indeed I was published (though I have supported the publisher). This is a viable way to operate, but then again, think about the publisher. Since many writers send out to publisher they may not have read before (which is good way to get rejected—as sending something the publisher wouldn’t publish), this means many small publishers go out of business

If you do send out manuscripts to the Biggies (in both novel and short formats), you are increasing your chance of rejection as many writers will target the familiar names—and most likely they have read authors or publications by these publishers. The huge volume these Biggies deal with alone slims the chance of publication.

So what to do?

If you are serious about publishing your work, and I assume most of you are, pick up a copy of Writer’s Marker 2011 (or wait a month for the 2012 version). An old copy might work, but sometimes the information is out of date. You can also subscribe to the online version on the Writer’s Digest website.

This information comes in handy for finding agents and publishers, but the best part is you get web addresses where you can find out what the publication credits are for agents, titles under a publisher, or journal names to look up (and maybe subscribe). Most libraries offer interlibrary loans if they do not have title in stock, if you can’t afford to purchase in any format. If you can, help support the small publishers, and their authors. You could be one of them. You could find a wonderful book, or journal that just may showcase your work. And you are doing your “homework” as said in the industry.

Remember, if you aren’t willing to buy a book or subscribe to a journal, how many will be willing to do the same for you?

*Sorry for the late post*


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