Teaser Tuesday

Here is another teaser from my WIP, The Balance:

Unusual sun broke through the clouds. Light spilled over buildings, cascading down walls, and flooding the streets. The pervasive fog and rain dissipated, leaving the skies crystalline blue. Vivid colors popped in the sunlight.

Celeste walked down the Palace tree-lined avenue, holding hands with Rhyn. Her dressed rustled in the light breeze. His hand felt warm in hers, dry and comforting. She leaned into him, inhaling. He would be leaving later that afternoon.

He detangled his hand, wrapping it around her shoulder as they continued. Though the sun was out, it was a biting cold afternoon. Several people ran about their errands, while other strolled in the unexpected weather. Clear blue skies were uncommon, to say the least. She’d learned that in her few years here.

Soon they came to a more populous area. Hundreds of people milled the streets, more to be outside than anything. Celeste enjoyed being lost in the crowd. Rhyn guided them through the streets, and she paid little attention to where she was going. She felt as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders: she could finally get something done.

They turned a corner and a park lay before them, small, but the trees and grass comforted Celeste. She was used to gardens or wild living not endless buildings. She reached for his hand, kissing him lightly on the cheek.

“I have something to give to you,” he said, putting his finger to her lips. “But you’ll have to wait.”


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