Teaser Tuesday

Welp, it’s another Tuesday and that means it’s time for a teaser. Again, it’s not edited. One of these days, I’ll post a complete story for y’all. Here part of the last scene in Part One of my WIP, The Balance:

True to its name, the Isle of Fog remained behind a curtain, invisible until the boat was lashed to the dock. Celeste took a step down, queasy after the motion of the boat. Ship. Whatever it happened to be. If Rhyn hadn’t been behind her she might have kissed the land. Dirt or not.

If it hadn’t been for Rhyn she wouldn’t have even made it this far. Alijimara and company had in fact not been far behind them. Only by sheer luck had they missed Celeste. Back in the port town Undryll, she’d caught a glimpse of the woman.

Rhyn slapped her backside. “There’s a trooper.” And he laughed. Laughed at her. She glared. “No need for that.” That insufferable smirk. He had saved her, right? Maybe she wouldn’t fry him to a crisp just yet.

The mist felt cool against her skin and she wobbled off the dock, after Rhyn. He may have been an ass, but he certainly had a nice one.

She pulled the shawl tighter around her body. The town, no village rather, boasted one dock. Rhyn had suggested it as a better place to enter the country. Less people to look at their fake papers. Where had he come up with those again? He was certainly more resourceful that she had anticipated. She’d have to pry that secret out of him yet.

The mist hid most of the drab village, and most of the people didn’t bother to pay attention to the newcomers.


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