Writing Everyday: The Challenge

Writing everyday is not an easy thing to do. Perhaps it shouldn’t be something To Do. I struggle with trying to write every day, and I think that perhaps I should step back and realize that sometimes we need a day or two off to recover. The danger in ‘recovery’ is that I don’t always go back to my normal writing schedule.

Of course, in this day and age, writing blogs (including twitter) constitute writing. Text messages constitute writing. “Hey!” you might say. “That doesn’t really count as writing.” But then what does it count as? Even though it’s not increasing my word count for whatever project that I am working on at the moment, doesn’t mean that I’m not writing.

My general means of communication is through reading and writing. I’m not big on voice calls or video calls. I prefer written communications OR face to face communications. I’m pretty old fashioned you could say. Those were the only methods available a hundred (or so) years ago.

So at the end of it all, I suppose I do write everyday, even though its not in my current WIP. On occasion I have difficulty seeing the end, and sometimes evening seeing the means. One day bleeds into another rather easily and such delimitation serves no purpose other than short, short goals. Weekly goals and progress have helped me realize that writing anything at all is a true accomplishment.


2 thoughts on “Writing Everyday: The Challenge

  1. It’s just easier if you write everyday. Skip a day and you think ‘well, it’s just a day’ and then it bleeds into a week and, before you know it, a month has passed with no progress. I can’t take days off, I don’t have the will of iron needed to get back on track!!

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