Teaser Tuesday

Here is an excerpt again from The Balance. It took me a couple tries to get this much down! Next week I should have even more!

With the book spread before her, Celeste read carefully. The ritual she studied described the process of the Blood Dagger, a necessary tool for the moon mage. The ritual appeared fairly simple: any ordinary dagger would work, just add a drop of her own blood, and infuse the dagger with her power.

The infusing part did not resonate with Celeste.

The Blood Dagger was not an essential tool, but it kept the excessive life force of those giving from staining the dagger. Accumulation of resonances would distort any spell she would try to cast if she continued to use the same weapon. A new dagger or knife every time Celeste wanted to dabble in moon magic would not only be suspicious, but very costly.

She pricked the tip of her finger, and a drop of blood welled. She caressed the fine blade with the drop, chanting lowly under her breathe. She watched the blood slowly melt into the dagger, not away from it as it would if it were hot. Tiny tendrils of blood snaked from the puncture and swept down the blade.

In moments, the ritual was over, and the dagger finished. She laid it down on her sheets, the blood-red blade angry in the lamplight. So it was called a blood dagger for that reason. This would give her away if anyone found it. She would have to keep it on her person at all times then.


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