Getting Dirty

On my Facebook profile, I posted: “Sometimes a writer must dig deep and unearth emotions people would rather not experience.” And yes, I agree with what I said!

It got me thinking though of how to make it more important. Emotional connection to readers is important. Writers create an experience for readers and part of that experience may be uncomfortable. It should be. Even as writers we should be willing to face our discomforts to give readers our best insight into the human experience.

The best writing, at least mine, comes with emotion attached. Many writers agree as well. Let yourself be drained of emotions, do worry, you will get more back! This will allow your readers to see into your world.

But how to do it? Ive had experience in acting and the methods I learned there are much the same: experience the very emotions your are trying to convey on the page. This is perhaps the most excruciating part of the writing experience but the most crucial.


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