Teaser Tuesday

Here is this week’s teaser! From Heir of Illumination:

Early in the morning, Jonat woke Leana.  As appointed leader of this expedition it was her right to decide when and how they would accomplish the mission, simple as it was. Leana did not like that Jonat was given the command of the group. Not that the mission was difficult, just that Leana was not in charge. Jonat didn’t seem to like the idea very much either.

Today’s task was visit the Deerborough farm about five miles west, nearer the border than Dorevelle was, and help the farmer there. Doing what, she didn’t exactly know.

The room in the Inn was not particularly spacy, but it was larger than the cramped quarters aboard the river boat. Leana rolled out of bed, the sun barely peeking above the horizon. Leana groaned trying to find a mirror so she could check her hair, but remember the inn did not have such luxuries. She quickly undressed, creating a Net and gently laying it upon her clothes to remove the dirt and stains and smells. Just as quickly, she splashed a small amount of water upon herself from the basin against the wall. The water did little to clean her, but the point was the feeling.

She twisted another Net, this time more careful, and removed the dirt and water from her body. She did not care if the other girls saw what she did. They most likely could not have attempted a similar feat without studying it first and having her help them with it. She could not help her uninventiveness.

After feeling somewhat clean, she dressed.

“The Magus will be coming with us.” Jonat looked nervous. “For now, the boys will stay here in the village and help. We are to go to the farm. I believe we are caring for sick animals and people and perhaps helping with construction and crops.”

“That is correct,” Nyllwind said, having opened the door. “We have no time to waste, girls. We, again, have to walk.”

The morning brightened as she stepped out of the inn. Mora stood, shading his eyes against a lightening sky, pointing to the roof of the blacksmith. Borwin climbed the air, seemingly impossible if Leana had not known how it was done, and stepped to the roof. Mora shouted something Leana could not make out. Jonat followed Nyllwind, who seemed to know where she was going. Leana stepped behind, wondering how her friends fared on their final test.


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