Teaser Tuesday

This weeks teaser is from a short story that is sleeping (aka awaiting editing):

Ed’s arm tightened around me, a warm tingle danced across my spine. There was a pause in the conversation, after Ruan had spoken. To ease the tension, I offered more wine. Ruan gladly took another glass, and Estevan as well. Ed took a half glass, and I didn’t give any more to myslef. I cleared the dishes off the table while Ed talked about the weather.

It was a strange feeling to see Ruan again, and interact with him. After his revelation, I knew that I had to take to him, more than my previous conviction. He needed some help, and I could help him. I had done plenty of volunteer work. I told myself that the old attraction simply wasn’t there as much as it had been. That I loved Ed was no doubt.

We talked for a good bit longer, and then Estevan and Ruan excused themselves. We still had some unpacking to do, but it wasn’t such a large task as it had been two weeks ago. The new apartment was our new start with each other, even though we’d lived together for three years already. This was our commitment to each other to stay together. We didn’t fight much, even though we are quite different people.


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