What’s Your Story?

This is going to be exciting! I’m interested in you sharing your writing story and everyone getting to know each other. Please post comments (and be nice!) and I’ll reply. Tell me what you love about writing, and if you want, the project you are currently working on!


2 thoughts on “What’s Your Story?

  1. I think what I love most about writing is the act of creating. I also love that it’s something I do independently; I sit down and work alone. My interactions are limited to the characters I’m working with. I enjoy that writing is both cathartic and therapeutic.

    I’m working on the second draft of my first YA Contemporary. I only started revisions a few weeks ago, so I’m not that far in. The first draft took nearly two years to complete.


    • Beautiful! I love creating, the difficulty and ease, and I adore the breakthroughs that come along in the writing and in revisions. Thank you for sharing!

      And good luck with the YA. Most of my writing has taken years, so don’t be intimidated 🙂

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