Setting Writing Goals

I am a big fan of to-do lists. Really. I love listing things I need to do and then watch them slowly disappear. The only problem with the approach I take: I often don’t finish everything on my list and it makes me feel awful.

Though I get more done if I have to-do lists, I often feel that I accomplish less. In fact, I set very high goals for myself and often don’t get close, which only discourages me. The other problem I have is that if I don’t do to-do lists, I don’t get anything done!

This is where setting easy, realistic goals comes in handy, and I’m going to have to start implementing this in my ‘listing’ frenzy. Normally, I like to write 1000 words when I write. Currently, I’m unable to meet that goal for whatever reason. So I’m going to lower that goal to 300 words three to four times a week, something I think I can manage. If it starts becoming very easy (the intent) I can always change my goals! That’s the beauty of it.

Happy writing!


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