Why You Should Connect With Other Writers

This is a different post from what I had up on Monday. Critique groups offer insight into writing. But that  leaves you only so much. Connecting with writers is important, and not just in critique fashion. It is often said (and scientific proven) that you are who your friends are. If you want to be a writer, hang out with more writers!

The theory behind this is that you’ll pick up tips and tricks and vocabulary, etc from hanging out with writers. You’ll talk about writing, do writing, live writing. Just like if you have friends who are wine enthusiasts, if you hang out with them long enough and frequently enough, you’ll become one as well.

In essence, you’re looking to share something you care about with people who care about it as well. And when you get stuck in some particular problem, you can ask for help. I crocheted alone. I used to write alone as well, until I found a Twitter community. In my crochet work, I’ve come across a problem, and now I need help. I have a crafter’s group that I go to once a month, and they are very helpful, but this month I may not be able to go, and thus I should expand my network in that area.

So, yes, having friends that share your passions is a good thing. Seek out other writers, though you probably already know this.


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