Teaser Tuesday

Instead of a chunk of prose text, I thought I’d share a poem with you all this week titled “Sugar: A Former Addict”:

How to describe that food?

No, not food, poisonous foul thing.

Sugar, you are everywhere, in everything.

No place I turn are you absent.

I’ve taken my leave from you, happy

To do so. I’ve said goodbye

Yet here you are, looking.

Honey, maple, agave, sweeten

My lips, your flavor forgotten.

Once, I placed you on my tongue

With glee, and now I avoid your touch

Dexterously, yes.

Then perchance on test, I let you

In. Overwhelming like

Endless paperwork: sweet. My teeth

Cringe and shake in fear.

Confirming my choice, my way

Without you filling my veins

With your lies. More of you

Does not erase pain.

More is pain.


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