Life Experience

As writers we need life experience to write. The mantra, “Write what you know” comes to mind. How can we write what we write what we don’t know? It seems silly, but true. We can’t write what we don’t know, and sometimes all we need to do is just explore a little bit, deep down inside ourselves. All the answers lie within.

So if you’re writing about being a murder (and you aren’t one, which is good), then you have to imagine the scenario. Act like it has happened and you’re standing over the body (but please don’t kill someone, I don’t think it’s an acceptable defense!). We all have urges and deep darks spots. Write from those places.

Other situations may be completely different, like a scene between lovers. While you may have not felt a particular touch, or hand, you know the sensations that it produces, so you can write from there. Or how a glass of water feels after being dehydrated. Anything. Life gives us examples to work with.

What is the point of this post? Well, it’s about experiencing the world around us, meeting people who have different views that can open our eyes, leaving the comfort of our walled defenses and realizing that the world is not as scary as they tell us it is. Life and writing are perfect companions, you just can’t be afraid.


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