Teaser Tuesday

This teaser is from one of my WIP with the working title of The Unknown Dragon. Hope you enjoy! Like and comment!

Thryndyn sat, looking down at the stacks of books. Exile certainly wasn’t not unpleasant. He hadn’t minded reading, but when more important things came about, like action he wanted to be there. It didn’t help, being seventh in line for the Throne of the Dragons, Emperor. Though not required, custom and tradition made learning paramount in the empire. Of course, those wielding the power should be the most knowledgeable. He tapped the side of one book with a claw, thinking. He’d read this classic, “On Draconian Verse,” a century or so ago. Memorization was key to learning. He hadn’t the patience for verse, preferring instead books on Rune. Even here he deviated, wanting to read the latest treatises, not musty old tomes by people long dead.

He sighed, the small exhale stirring the dust around. Picking up the book, he floated over to the giant shelves and placed a book he’d rather read up. “On Draconian Verse,” would have to do again. Setting the book down on the table, he glanced longing towards the cave entrance. It would be good to go out and see the sun again, but instead he would read in the dark cave. He wondered if the exams were still good. Preservation Runes should keep the papers in stasis for at least a few hundred years if not more. Almost three hundred years since he’d been home.

Opening the book, Thryndyn found the poems. As expected. Nothing exciting, nothing new. Old poems by old, dead, dragons, that he’d read a hundred times before.


2 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday

  1. This segment gives me a nice POV, a new one for me. I’ve never read from a dragon’s perspective and I liked it. The concept of having to read boring tomes written by dead ‘dragons’ is very familiar, though it’s fresh with this viewpoint 🙂

    Very happy to see you post a teaser. It seems the hashtag was taken over by spammers so I lost the momentum with it.

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